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Good day to you.  The real estate market is hot for move-in ready homes.  We are still seeing above asking price within days or hours of listing.  We are also still seeing homes needing updates sitting on the market for several months.  There are several ways of making this situation a win-win-win for all the hats you wear in the process of changing your residence.  I provide the information all the way around to assist sellers and buyers net the most from both transactions it takes to move from one home to the next.  I navigate these with you in all aspects of the issues that come into play.

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Ready to go shopping … for a mortgage? We know: It’s not exactly the kind of fun holiday shopping you had in mind. Still, your ability to sniff out a great mortgage is crucial to your financial well-being as a future homeowner, because the decision you make could stick with you for a very long time, maybe even 30 years. Gulp.

No pressure, right? All we’re trying to say is, it pays to learn how to best compare your options. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1. Shop for a mortgage that fits your needs

Ideally, you should start shopping for a mortgage three to six months before you plan to buy a home. This lengthy lead time is important because you may have to invest time in boosting your credit score. You’ll need 760 or higher to

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The seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.60 million is the highest rate since February 2007

The silver lining revealed in last month's National Association of Realtors existing home sales report has gotten a bit brighter thanks to would-be buyers coming out of hiding and taking advantage of a healthy autumn housing market.

In October, existing home sales rose 2.0 percentage points to a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 5.60 million — up from an upwardly revised 5.49 million in September.

October’s sales pace is 5.9 percentage points above October 2015 and blew past June’s pace of 5.57 million — which were the highest numbers seen since February 2007.

All regions experienced an uptick in sales, and distressed sales increased 1

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By Craig Donofrio | Nov 21, 2016   3-types-of-insurance-you-need

When you buy a home, you will be showered with offers to buy insurance—and not just one type, but many types. Such awesome deals! So which ones do you really need?

There are a few that are downright essential, and others are nice but not necessary. Furthermore, others are total rip-offs to avoid at all costs.

To help you differentiate among them all, here’s a rundown of the types of insurance you’ll likely encounter on your home-buying journey and a reality check on whether you need them.

Title insurance

Do you need it? Absolutely!

Normally, this isn’t even a question because it’s almost always mandatory when you’re getting a mortgage. But if you’re paying all-cash, you have the

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The numbers are in for 2016—selling your home with a REALTOR® could get you $60,000 more on your home sale. From the recently released 35th anniversary edition of the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report, homes sold with an agent or broker received a median of $245,000 in 2016 compared to the median selling price of $185,000 for For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) home sales. That number drops even lower to $168,300 when the FSBO seller knew the buyer, that’s $76,700 less than what sellers are getting with the help of a REALTOR®.

The top reasons that sellers decided to sell their homes without the assistance of an agent was that they did not want to pay a commission or fee (39 percent), they sold to a relative, friend or neighbor (33 percent), or the buyers

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Magic 8 Ball Alert: Housing Market Likely to Stay Strong for the Rest of 2016

By Jonathan Smoke | Nov 3, 2016 magic-eight-ball-housepepifoto/iStock;;

Well, the initial reports are now complete for September, and we can see that the strong first half of the year for housing did not lose momentum as the kids went back to school and temperatures cooled.

The market is strong and seems poised to remain so for the rest of the year. However, the improving economy presents both opportunities and challenges for the months ahead.

Total home sales for this year through September are up 4% over the same period in 2015. Existing-home sales are up 3%, while new-home sales are up 13%.

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Many homeowners love hardwood floors not only for their look and durability, but also because they’re simple to clean—at least relative to carpet, tile, and many other surfaces. But maintaining spick-and-span hardwood floors isn’t quite as simple as it may seem, which leaves many homeowners wondering: What’s the best way to clean hardwood floors, anyway?

“There’s a responsibility that comes with owning a wood floor,” says Brett Miller, vice president of education and certification for the National Wood Flooring Association in St. Louis. “People who haven’t had a wood floor before don’t always consider the importance of properly maintaining those floor coverings.”

If you want to keep your hardwood floors looking their best, here are the

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It’s a slow Sunday morning. You’ve just brewed your Nespresso and popped open your laptop to check out the latest home listings before you hit the road for a day of open houses.

You’re DIYing this real estate thing, and you think you’re doing pretty well—after all, any info you might need is at your fingertips online, right? That and your own sterling judgment.

Oh, dear home buyer (or seller!)—we know you can do it on your own. But you really, really shouldn’t. This is likely the biggest financial decision of your entire life, and you need a Realtor if you want to do it right. Here’s why.

1. They have loads of expertise

Want to check the MLS for a 4B/2B with an EIK and a W/D? Real Estate has its own language, full of acronyms and

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!2 Home Improvements

Before you put your home on the market, paint the rooms neutral tones that will appeal to all buyers.


If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, there are some lesser-known words that match the importance of the famous real estate phrase "location, location, location." 

Those all-important words? Curb appeal.

As the saying goes, "You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression." When people drive up and first see your house, you want them to think of it immediately as a home that has been maintained and well cared for.

"It’s you putting your best foot forward," says Christy Biberich, owner of Christy B. Design in Los Angeles who appears on the HGTV show "Brother Vs. Brother."

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