Paying it Forward

Posted by on Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 at 7:28pm.

I read a very interesting article today on paying if forward. The person who was being interviewed said that she looks for opportunities everyday to pay it forward. She went on to say that everyday she wakes up thinking about how she can help someone else.  Right now we are right in the middle of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and these are great times to pay if forward.  People are sometimes more accepting during the holiday season. So why not look for an opportunity to pay it forward. Buy someone's groceries, purchase a gift and take it to a nursing facility or give toys to a charity. How about adopt a family.

I met a young brother and sister who recently lost their mom and I feel honored to help them find a new house.  They have a sad story the sister is young and the brother has some mental challenges, and the current rental home that they are living in is where their mother passed away.  So I feel a great sense of responsibility to help them in their home search during this holiday season. The pair lost their mom and grandmother within one month of each other.

Let's think about other people during this great season of giving. Let's help to warm someone else's heart.


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